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Agrifac cordially invites you to attend the NEED Farming Demo Tour ‘19

In order to take the next step in farming, we NEED to focus on the plant level. NEED Farming is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding to variations in crops, fields and other variablesand catering to the needs of each individual plant. Back to the basics of farming but with the latest technologies to ensure that each plant gets the care it needs. NEED Farming is about caring for the specific needs of each plant rather than the average need of the whole field. 

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We will display the new price winning Condor Endurance self propelled sprayer packed with new NEED Farming Technology, like StrictSprayPlus, DynamicDosePlus and AiCPlus.

Please let us know if you are attending!

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We hope to see you in the field!

Live demonstration

  • Condor Endurance II
  • NEED Farming technologies (AiCPlus, DynamicDosePlus, StrictSprayPlus)

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